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Different Types of Electricians and Their Responsibilities

electriciansCommercial electricians provide essential services to businesses big and small by repairing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems. An electrician is a person who carries out work related to electricity. Commercial electricians at perform several jobs related to electrical systems, such as installation and maintenance of electric circuits. The most common electricians in large business sectors are controllers or managers. They are the ones responsible for assigning the various tasks required in an office or building. Below is some information on the various types of electricians and their services.

Commercial electricians work in multi-level office buildings (MLO) and residential homes. They are the ones responsible for wiring, plugging, controlling and monitoring of the electrical circuits. Commercial electricians install, repair, and maintain electrical systems in commercial structures. Some of the electricians perform their task in a day, some in a week or some in a month. There are commercial electricians who work in industrial and construction firms. These professionals ensure that the correct voltage is provided to industrial equipment and to the people who use these tools.

Today, there are many kinds of electricians. The qualifications of these electricians depend upon their area of specialization. There are those electricians who hold a certificate or a diploma in connection to electrical equipment while there are others who do not have a certification. Generally, all of those who have a license must undergo training as well.

Commercial electricians perform different types of jobs. There are the so-called service electricians who are in charge of fixing or installing the wiring and the circuit breakers in commercial buildings and offices. Service electricians must be licensed and hold certificates to prove that they possess the expertise to fix the wiring of large buildings. Electricians who work in offices also perform similar functions. They fix the connections between the different parts of the electrical systems of offices.

Electrical contractors and engineers also belong to the category of commercial wiring professionals. Contractors have the responsibility to evaluate commercial wiring and make recommendations on how to improve the performance and efficiency of commercial wiring systems. Meanwhile, engineers are the ones responsible in creating new electrical systems. They are skilled trade electricians and possess expert knowledge in the field of electrical engineering.

The next two categories of electricians are the apprentice and the post-graduate electrical workers. Attached to big electrical firms or manufacturing companies, these electricians work together with the management and carry out the duties assigned by them. apprentices are those who receive a two-year course and are allowed to train for one year before they are legally allowed to practice as an electrician. They are not allowed to carry out actual electrical work under the supervision of any professional until they complete their training. The post-graduates obtain their license after completing two years of practical training.

One of the popular types of electricians is the contractor. Contractors usually provide services in homes, offices, commercial establishments, and industries. The duties of a contractor include installations, wiring, and maintenance. Contractors belong to the third classification of electricians, the industrial electricians. These electricians work mainly in industrial companies and power generating plants and they usually install, wire, and maintain the wiring system of the commercial establishments.

In many countries, electricians are required to have a certificate of clearance, experience, and training in all types of building works. They perform safety audits in order to prevent electrical injuries. They also perform special inspections of lighting fixtures in commercial buildings, factories, and other places where there are electrical workers. Lighting is considered one of the most dangerous tasks that electricians do because they have to handle highly concentrated and potentially harmful electrical currents. That’s why it is important to let only highly qualified, trained, and properly licensed electricians do lighting inspections and installations.